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Room 0 (Interactive room, Photobooth)

Visitors to the Gallery can travel into the past for a moment.

This is possible thanks to a specially prepared interactive room, where historical costumes have been prepared for the Gallery guests in an eclectic closet.

The costumes can not only be tried on, but also photographed.

These unique moments can be taken with you thanks to photographs taken in a specially prepared photo booth.

The background for these photos are graphics and archival photos of soldiers from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

In addition to uniforms, visitors can see replicas of rifles used in various periods of the twentieth century.

However, history lovers may also find something for themselves in this room.

In the niche the first exhibit was presented – a helmet, which was the beginning of the presented collection, a MAXIM heavy machine gun, a DP machine gun and original 20th century uniforms.